Update 20/04/08

Posted on April 20, 2008

Some news – for those of you that missed it, we actually don’t censor comments, we just approve them after going through them. There was a lot of spam when we launched so we just didn’t want to get a spammed blog.

Second – we removed the stats-tool. It didn’t function as it should in a site that got so many visitors (we have over 10.000 blogs already!) and we decided to disable it for a short while. We’re looking for a replacement tool or might build one ourselves.

The site should be somewhat stable now. We’ve updated a lot of stuff and tweaked the database to cope with the load. We’ve also took in the idea of opening a forum that someone asked for. You can find it at SuprBay.org!

We must also point out the thing regarding what’s legal and not in Sweden. We honestly can’t help you guys out with legal advice on that level. We’re just some few guys and none of us are lawyers for gods sake. Follow common sense and you’ll be fine. And hopefully someone will translate the full swedish lawbook into english someday.


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