Fight censorship!

Posted on August 19, 2009

Over a year ago, a friend of ours got his blog closed by Wordpress for violation of TOS. Essentially he got blocked because he linked to material that could lead to maybe a download of something that you might not have paid for. We became very upset and decided to open Baywords!

After a couple of weeks, the site had so many users that it basically couldn’t handle all of them. We have now fixed that problem and we’re very scalable. And today, we’re happy that we are just that.

A court in the US has decided that Google have to give out the identity of an anonymous blogger. This is very, very, wrong. We need our freedom of speech, and included in that is the right to be anonymous!  This is a democratic right and we will not allow that to be infringed upon.

Baywords is now back again, and we’re not taking any details on the users. As long as it’s legal to write, we won’t close down your blog. We will not give out any information, IPs or anything else — that data is deleted when no longer needed.

If you like our cause and want to support, we think that Wikileaks is a really good site and needs to be helped as well! All sites that allow anonymous whistle blowing or writing, should be supported in order to make sure that we have a democratic society.


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