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6 Drawer Universal Bedroom Dresser

6 Drawer Universal Bedroom Dresser

A baby dresser is an important furniture piece that can make a world of difference when it comes to organizing and storing your little one’s clothing. There are many different types available and the best ones for your baby will depend on what you need them for and how much space you have available. Here are five tips to help you find the perfect dessert for your child’s room.

Baby Dressers With Drawers

The styles available in today’s dresser range from rustic yet modern through to the more traditional. There are two main categories of baby dressers – those that only house a drawer and those which also store clothes. Obviously, the drawer style requires a bigger draw than a dresser that only stores clothes. This is why they are usually placed next to a changing table. A drawer style however can fit in with a traditional style nursery but they will need to be assembled if you have a smaller space.

Baby Dressers With Storage

The majority of dressers today are able to store toys and other such items. If this is the case with your baby then you need to buy some drawer units. These are typically attached to the side of a drawer and there are a number of different styles available. Some of the more common ones are a small drawer which stores toys, baby bottles and perhaps other small things, and there are larger ones for storing bigger items such as changing pads or books.

Baby Dressers With Push Furniture

Although not technically a drawer as such, a push style changing table is often thought of as being a dresser in disguise. These come in either a cabinet style or with a small drawer. They can however also store and display other items such as toys and can usually be adjusted to accommodate different shaped clothing boxes.

Baby Nursery Furniture

There are two types of furniture that you can use in your nursery, dressers and beds. Most parents choose to purchase an adequate number of cribs when they first purchase baby dressers. It is a good idea to purchase several crib sets as they are cheaper than buying separate pieces. As your baby grows, you may want to eventually invest in separate pieces of furniture such as a changing table and toy chest. As mentioned previously, dressers are an important part of the nursery but there are other pieces that you should also buy.

The best baby dressers are likely to be fitted and made from solid wood. You may also want to consider having a drawer in them for extra storage. This is particularly important if you have a number of different items that need hanging such as bibs or towels. A baby changing pad can sit on top of the dresser and this will ensure that it has a secure place to hang.

There are a number of other items that you need to have with you when you shop for baby dressers. This is why it is wise to have everything that you think you will need. For example, a changing pad or towel holder and a changing table are essential, but some parents like to include a drawer underneath the dresser as this makes life easier for them. With the 6 drawer universal dresser you can have all of these items hanging at one location, which is very convenient.

The advantages of the convertible changing table are that it is a safer and more convenient way of changing your baby’s nappy compared to having to do so in the nursery alone. You will most likely want to buy several dressers for different sizes as your baby grows. In fact, you can find a convertible changing table that has drawers both on the bottom and sides of the drawer for added storage space.

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