BackyardPool Heaters Are Problem Solvers And Here is Why

Pool Heaters Are Problem Solvers And Here is Why

If you have a swimming pool, you probably know the importance of keeping your pool heater working properly. The pool heater is a crucial part of your swimming pool because it keeps the water at a comfortable temperature. There are a lot of little problems that can happen to your pool heater, and here we will discuss some of the most common problems you may find that can go wrong with pool heaters.

The pool heater pilot light will not light

If you have a problem with the pilot, not lighting, this may be due to the low pressure, poor ventilation, or the poor air supply surrounding the pilot light of the pool heater. You will want to make sure that the gas is turned on and check to see if there is gas in the tank. The problem may be that there is water runoff from the roof or in the sprinkler system. Make sure that there are no holes or clogs in the pilot light tubing. You may need to replace the tubing if it is damaged.

The wrong pool heater temperature

You will want to check the thermostat first to make sure that it is set at the proper temperature. If you find that the heat loss is greater than the output of heat, this is probably due to the heater being too small for the pool, or the problem may be that you don’t have enough gas supply. Also, every pool heater has a high-limit switch that prevents overheating. Check to see if the switch is bad, this could cause the heater to shut off automatically. Also, look to see if the exhaust is blocked, this is also a common cause of overheating of the pool heater.

The pool heater is leaking

There are many causes for a pool heater to leaks, such as a faulty gasket or a loose connection that connects to the pressure switch. Sanitizer damage may have occurred due to the leaking of the pool chemicals into the heat exchanger. If a leak has occurred after a spring thaw, the damage could have been caused by winter freezing, and the pipes were damaged.

Safety Tip

If at any time you aren’t sure how to fix any of these pool heater problems, you should consult with a pool heater serviceman. You should shut the pool heater off and wait for the service man to arrive.

These are some of the common problems you may experience with your pool heater. You must first locate the problems before you can solve them.


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