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HH I HONEY Diaper Bag Backpack Review

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So much attention is usually pointed towards buying a diaper bag. I believe it is because as a mother, it is something you would use almost every day so you would need something of high quality, durable and a bag that wouldn’t easily get damaged.

The HH I Honey best backpack diaper bag is a top selling diaper backpack that has been highly rated by most customers. But, how reliable is it, is it the ideal diaper backpack for you to buy? Read on to find the answers to those questions.

Features of the HH I HONEY Diaper Bag Backpack

BEST BACKPACK DIAPER BAGSThe HH I Honey Diaper bag backpack is a gender-neutral bag, meaning it can be used by both men and women. It has an attractive design that anyone would love, the design is like that of a kid’s board with different colorful drawings of shapes, animals and others. One thing about the design is that it stands out, if you have this backpack on. You can be easily spotted wherever you may be.

The bag is made from cotton material that is TPU laminated to make it waterproof and durable. The inner lining is made of nylon material. It is a spacious bag as the interior is very wide and It also features 8 pockets that can contain separate items.

diaper bagIt also has two insulated bottle pockets at the sides that helps maintain the temperature of your milk and water bottles. With a zipper, it opens very widely and enables you to easily reach the contents of the bag.

The is a very portable diaper backpack, it weighs 1.4  pounds so it is light weight. You can either hang it as a backpack whilst being comfortable with the aid of the shoulder straps or you can hold it at the top like a hand bag. The stroller straps makes it easy for you to attach it to a stroller for outings.

For maintenance, it is easy to clean; you can do that with just a quick and easy wipe. The product is covered with a one year warranty so you are assured of being satisfied with it.


  • Attractive design
  • Light weight
  • Portable
  • Stroller straps
  • Insulated pockets


  • No Changing Pad


From being cute and in design, produced from durable material and having very useful features, this diaper bag backpack is sure to be of good use to you if you purchase it. The manufacturers had customer satisfaction in mind and this diaper bag offers just that.

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