House20 New Uses for Dryer Sheets

20 New Uses for Dryer Sheets

Dryer sheets are a staple for most households. They keep dryer static at bay and keep clothes smelling fresh for days after a wash. Normally used in the laundry room only, these small polyester sheets can handle a number of jobs both inside and outside of the home that many consumers would normally reserve for more expensive specialty products. Saving time and money with these nifty little sheets is easy when we begin to realize just what types of household chores it is capable of handling.

Create Uses for Dryer Sheets in the Home

  1. Dust televisions, computer screens, and other electronics with a dryer sheet to remove the static charge and prevent future dust build-up.
  2. Tame out-of-control hair on humid days by rubbing your hands together on a dryer sheet then working your fingers through statically charged hair.
  3. Keep smelly shoes fresh by placing a dryer sheet on each shoe.
  4. Place a dryer sheet in the bottom of the garbage bag to eliminate household odors.
  5. Release stuck-on food by placing a dryer sheet in a pan filled with warm water overnight.
  6. Keep the home smelling fresh by taping a dryer sheet to a forced-air heating vent.
  7. Stop kitty litter odors by placing a dryer sheet in the litter pan before filling it with litter. Ask your veterinarian if your cat has any allergies prior to use.
  8. Place a dryer sheet in luggage before storing it away for the season to ward off musty smells.
  9. Wipe up sawdust in the workshop or garage with a dry sheet. The sawdust sticks to it like a magnet.
  10. Remove pet hair from furniture and clothing by rubbing the area with a dryer sheet wrapped around your hand or a wooden spoon.
  11. Eliminate diaper odor by wrapping a dryer sheet around a used diaper before disposing in the garbage.
  12. Freshen the vehicle by placing a dryer sheet under each seat or under the floor mats in between cleaning.
  13. Tuck a dryer sheet in the bottom of dresser drawers to keep clothes smelling fresher longer.
  14. Repel mosquitoes and other pesky bugs by tucking a dryer sheet under a lawn chair or in the back pocket of your jeans.
  15. Break through soap scum in a bind by wetting a dryer sheet and rubbing it along shower doors and tub surrounds. Rinse clean with water.
  16. Prevent the musty smell from building up on books and photos by placing a dryer sheet wrapped in a paper towel into the box where the books are stored. Do not place the dryer sheet directly on the pages as the oils may stain the pages.
  17. Scent your bathroom by tucking a rolled up dryer sheet into the toilet paper holder.
  18. Keep carpets smelling fresh by placing two dryer sheets in a spray bottle with 16 ounces of lukewarm water. Shake for three to four minutes and spray on carpets where odors linger. Allow drying.
  19. Soak smelly hand wash only clothing in a lukewarm bath with a dryer sheet for one hour before washing to release any hard to conquer smells like cigarette smoke and pet odor.
  20. Crafters can create sweet-smelling stationary by rubbing a dryer sheet on cardstock or vellum before designing. Test a small stripe before attempting the final project. Some dryer sheets will stain paper, if this happens, wrap the dryer sheet in a paper towel prior to rubbing.


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