Setting Up Gamesharing On PlayStation 4

As majority of people are now stuck at home and chances are they’re having fun playing PS4, there is no better time for gifting your loved ones PSN cards or if that’s not possible you can do Gameshare, once you played your favorite game and you feel your friends or loved ones are missing out, one of the best things you can do is to share games with them, as the saying goes ‘sharing is caring’.

Gameshare isn’t something new, all the popular game consoles we have support this feature, and it can really be helpful in different ways. For those that can’t afford to buy these games or subscribe to the PlayStation Plus subscription, Game share can really brighten up their day.

There are games that are just expensive, we’re talking of $50, $70 or even $100 games, not everyone can afford these games especially in the current time of corona virus crisis.

As you already know you can’t gift games directly to users on the PlayStation network, rather, you can send them gift cards, they’re called PSN cards, different units are available online, you find them on either Amazon or eBay, you can gift someone PSN cards for as low as $10, they’re available in stores or preferably online. $10 PSN card can be used to buy cheap games or buy other accessories from the PSN network.

The typical way to share PlayStation Games is by lending physical copies, but when we’re dealing with digital library, you’ll need to take some extra steps. Most gamers store their games in digital library and are unaware they can share their collection with others. That’s why in this post we’ll outline the steps you need to follow in order to share your library collection with anyone.

What’s Gameshare On PlayStation 4?

It’s process that will allow anyone to connect to your library collection, these are the games you downloaded and they have some restrictions. With gameshare you can still bypass these restrictions and go ahead to share any game in your library with anyone.

You only need two things to set up gameshare, first you need to have access to the PS4 console of the party you’re sharing the game with and your own account info as well. Let’s walk you through how to set up gameshare on PlayStation 4.

How To Set Up Gameshare On PlayStation 4

  • The first step is to sign into your PSN account on the game console you want to share the games with.
  • On your main menu you should choose the ‘Settings’ tab.
  • Then you choose ‘Account Management’.
  • You now choose ‘Activate as your primary PS4’.
  • You’ll see the option ‘Active’, once you select that, all the games in your library would appear on your friend’s console. The games need to be downloaded, it advisable to download all the games one by one. You should also note that if you want to share your friend’s games, you’ll follow the same process. That’s sign up to their account using your console and the follow the steps above, this way you’ve exchanged all your games.
  • If you buy a new console like PlayStation pro, you have to cancel the account settings on your friend’s console before setting up on the new console. Once you cancel all settings you then need to follow the steps shared above in order to gameshare on your new console.
  • You should also note that you can change console settings remotely using PlayStation Account Management tool from your web browser, but this can only be done only once within six Months period.
  • Another point to note is that multiple people cannot play the same game shared from your library, once it’s detected that there are multiple users, the accounts will be flagged and will eventually be closed. You can however share your library with unlimited people by following the steps above, but only with two consoles.

Gameshare will definitely save PlayStation users a lot of money, but the proper way to give someone a game is by gifting them PSN card so that they can purchase the game from PSN store, this way you support the developers and you’re not placing your account at the risk of getting flagged.

So if you can afford why not send your loved ones PSN cards to buy any game they want, not only games, they can also buy other helpful PlayStation 4 accessories to improve user experience. Just head over to Walmart, Amazon, eBay, Gamestop and other online store to grab your PSN cards in any amount, they’re available for as low as $10 PSN cards, and there are a ton of ways to redeem your card from the PSN.

So don’t hesitate to gift your loved one with PSN cards if you can afford to do so, you’re supporting the developers to improve the game. Let us know in the comment section if you have other ways to gameshare on PlayStation 4.

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