Tools which are required by a hairstylist

A person doesn’t become a hairstylist just like that. He, first of all, needs to see all the techniques that might be required to become a hairstylist and once those techniques have been worked on, the tools need to be used.

There are various tools that a hair stylist needs to know if he wants to run a salon. Here some of those tools which hairstylist need to use in order to run his salon:-

All-purpose shears

One thing that every hairstylist needs to have is a shear, do we need to even talk about it?

Shears are a must-have a requirement for any hairstylist. A short hair stylist will always be required to have a shear. It allows you to cut the hair briskly and in a smooth manner.

The standard size for a shear can be 5 to 6 inches, it totally depends on how a hairstylist wants it to be and in what size.

But if you want to do the compressed cutting, you will be required to use at least a 7-inch shear for the purpose. So, it totally depends on the need of the hour but generally, you should both types of shears at your table.

Blending Shears

Blending Shears

Another major tool that you would need in your salon is a blending Shears. The best hairstylists would have this type of shears with them as well. It helps you cut hair in a hurry.

It might happen that some people will come to you for hairstyling and they don’t have much time with them and they need to walk off as soon as possible.

In that case, blending shears might do the job for you since it allows you to cut hair within a matter of minutes.

You would love using it for sure. It has evenly spaced teeth on one side which helps it to cut hair in a big quantity and in a very quick manner as well.

Blow dryer

If you don’t have a blow dryer at your workspace in the salon, stop calling yourself a hairstylist.

A blow dryer is a must in addition to blending shears and all-purpose shear. Once you’re done cutting your hair, you will be required to wet your hair just a little bit.

Then a blow dryer will give a certain style to you. Only these 3 things itself can do the favor for you and make up for a very good hairstyle which you desperately want as well.

Through speeding time, you can speed up or slow down the speed of the dryer according to the need of the hour for your hair. The technology works big time in a salon as well.



If you’re a facial hair stylist, you would definitely need a Razer at your place. It allows you to cut the facial hair nicely.

Usually, people try to do facial hair themselves since it is possible to do it yourself unlike cutting your hair which is very difficult. So, if you want people to come to you for facial hair, you need to get better with your job.

You need to use a Razer which is really good and really branded. If you use it otherwise, you might be in a very big mess. A razor can be used to cut your facial hair, texturizing your hair and so much more.

A varied number of combs

Usually, people think the job of a hairstylist is to cut the hair but it is so much more that s hairstylist needs to do or to put it in a better sense, he knows to do. Hairstylist in India would see so many carefree demands from their customers.

Someone would like to dress like a film celebrity and someone would like his hair to dress like a politician and someone to dress his hair like a sportsperson, everyone’s need should be looked after one way or the other.

Through the use of combs, you can definitely do it. It’s to be made sure that you’re using more than one comb and there are reasons behind it. People have different kinds of hair and a comb doesn’t work the same way for each kind of hair.

So if you want to style everyone’s hair the best way possible, you need to use a different number of combs. You might be looking to separate, straight and style your hair and everything is possible if you use different kinds of combs.

Spray bottle

A spray bottle might look like a tool just to wet your hair but wait a minute, you need to know it is not just used to wet your hair. It is used to wet your hair in a proper quantity.

If you look to normally use water on your hair, you might use more of it or less of it. So you might leave your hair freezy or they might be so wet, the drops are all over your face.

Through hairspray, you wouldn’t be facing this sort of problem. A spray bottle will you spray on your hair nicely.

For a hairstylist, it is a must because spray bottle allows you to wet the hair and then you can cut it nicely without really freezing the hair and itching your customer.

Round brush

This is another requirement for a hairstylist. If you’re a versatile hairstylist, you would look to have all the tools that you should have and a round brush is one of them.

There are three kinds of barrels involved, small Barrell, large Barrel and medium Barrel. The small barrel will allow you to style short hair while a medium barrel creates a fullness which is important for the base.

If you’re looking for the waves in your hair, the large barrel is apt. A hairstylist has this brush to cater to the need of all the bunch of people with such hair.

Mini crimping iron

Mini crimping iron

It is also called a texture iron. You’re not supposed to require it at all costs but if you have it, you’re also going to have an extra advantage over your competitors in the market who aren’t having this tool.

A texture iron is basically used to straighten your hair. You will be required to use it if you want the volume in your hair. It mostly happens for girls that they don’t get the quantity that they want because of the waves or the curls.

With the help of a mini crimping iron, you can look to increase the volume of your hair by a couple more times. You might feel like not buying it in the first place but once you use it, it is a different ball game altogether.

It’s a commodity to fall in love with, a tool that will provide you instant results when you look into the mirror. A hairstylist using it will give him an extra advantage as people will come back to the same salon for time to come.

Styling products

After all of this, you would be required to have styling products with you which you can use from time to time.

Not necessarily a tool but you would require it at your salon especially in today’s day and age when people want to style better than anyone else and there’s stiff competition.

Gel, mousse, hair serum, etc are some of the products you would be required to have with you.

A kid’s hairstylist might not be required to have the styling products since kids don’t really need any of it. But most of the youths that may arrive your salon time and time again, maybe a couple of times a single month, you need to style their hair properly and satisfy them.

For that purpose, you would be required to have a variety of styling products with you. You can look to use branded products since they are more likely to be effective as well.

If you use all these tools as a hairstylist, you wouldn’t have any problems satisfying your client or your customer.

Everyone wants to have a great hair game and the majority of it depends on the fact that how hairstylist has cut it and styled it. If it’s cut nicely, a hairstylist will be praised and if it’s not cut properly, he will be bashed as well.

It’s a typical yet technical job and you need to very cautious to be successful at it!


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